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Our products...


From Alpha Caesar's Research & Development department a revolutionary new system for detecting a train derailment...

Our services...

The company ALPHA CAESAR Srl is mainly engaged in integrated design, consulting and services, working for agencies and companies both public and private.

In particular, the company is responsible for:

Railway Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Civil Engineering
Technical Advice

ALPHA CAESAR Srl is connected with other enterprises of engineering services, specializing in the field of hydraulic engineering, maritime, port, geological, geotechnical and expertise whose association uses in order to handle a complete network for wide range project approach.


Alpha Caesar Srl has gained a wealth experience in all fields of railway engineering: armament, signaling, electric traction and related civil works.

It is also very active in research and development of new technologies for the operation and safety of the railway exercise and construction site thanks to innovative ideas gained from years of experience in the field.

He has also experience in the protection of rail yards with ATWS system and is in possession of the qualifications of the installer, user and designer of the system.


The team of Alpha Caesar Srl have experience in field of design of civil structure of different complexity with attention to the regulations in force and the new methods of calculation.

It also has extensive experience and ability in the design of road infrastructure of various kind.


Alpha Caesar Srl is active and at the forefront in the field of mechatronics engineering, promoting research and development of technologies in which they interact mechanics, electronics and electrical to create new instrumentaimed to simplify the work of professionals.


Who we are...

Alpha Caesar Srl is an engineering company registered at the Chamber of Commerce, founded by eng. Mauro Cassano in the early years of third millennium.

Alpha Caesar Srl is formed by a large group of technicians with different disciplinary backgrounds who, in their over twenty years of work experience, have made available to the company their capabilities.

Our team abilities are, in most cases, based on experiences in the field of large-scale infrastructure and especially on railway.

Our team is made up of:




Industrial Experts

Informatic Experts

Mauro Cassano
CEO - Techincal Director - Engineer

Founder of the company, expert in railway and generics infrastructures design, always active in the field of civil works, security and staff training.

Giandomenico Cassano
Techincal Director - Professor Engineer

Technical Director with experience in the work of railway equipment, structures, infrastructure, crossings in the railway field, as well as in construction management, project management of railway and civil works in general.
Professor at Politecnico di Milano University for the course about "Railway Infrastructure".

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