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The recent, and unfortunately, continuous dramatic events concerning the consequences deriving from the derailment of a train, have convinced Alpha Caesar to develop and prototype a system that detects in real time the phenomenon of derailment.

Its intervention, through the timely warning of derailment to the driver, can minimize damage to people, environment, infrastructure and rolling stock.

This is done by detecting the variation of the effort at the traction hook of the locomotive alone by the insertion of a load cell.

Compared to other systems, TD2S presents some undeniable and fundamental advantages in relation to its effectiveness and efficiency of signaling, installation and maintenance.

Any other detecting system, other than TD2S, requires intervention on every single wagon circulating in Europe, which clashes with the need for a wagon to be economical, interoperable and it does not require any specific maintenance, given the great sensitivity to freight costs on rail.

The TD2S system, being mounted on the pulling hook of the locomotive alone, does not require any installation on board the individual wagons that would cause greater investments and additional maintenance costs in the workshops.

At the same time, TD2S provides other useful information:

  1. The location with GPS system (Global Positioning System) with which, in case of derailment, launch the alarm to the infrastructure manager by GSM LTE system to avoid crossing another train;
  2. Transmission and recording of data with GSM LTE SIM card;
  3. To check the towed weight;
  4. Checking the effort at the traction hook in the event of a breakdown of the wagon column;
  5. The verification of some rail defects by measuring vertical and horizontal stresses with accelerometers and inclinometers.